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Who are we?


          We are a family-owned kennel in Southwestern Indiana that strives to breed only the highest quality of dogs we can. Our journey started in 2016 whenever we added a beautiful black female to our family and haven't looked back. The successful hunts, numerous games of fetch with our kids, neighborhood cookouts, and ever-pleasing personality persuaded us to have puppies with her. Since then, many of our puppies have gone on to be not just family members to their new homes, but also companions, hunting partners, and support dogs! 

          All of our puppies will be exposed to numerous sounds, children, cats, other dogs, and multiple other environments. They are all members of our family until they leave with you and go to their furever homes. 



Puppies Available

Why do we breed?

We started our love for Labrador Retrievers at very young ages growing up with them. Being avid hunters seeing the intelligence and trainability of labs led us to get our own hunting partner. Our dogs have been great in the fields, but also at home with our young children and family members. This led us to want to breed labs for hunters, families, and dog lovers in general. 

After having quite a few litters of labs and seeing their success we decided we wanted to have a smaller dog for inside. This led to us wanting the qualities of a lab, but in a smaller form. Our mini labradoodles come fully vet checked and vaccinated. They will make great additions to your family and bring many many smiles to you and yours! 

Your puppy will be exposed to:
Multiple different sounds
other dogs
vet checked
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